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RT@JoeWils08781387:@Seanology_@ChuEmUp2@alpine4holdings $ALPP does high value manufacturing folks. Mega ka-boom on #NASDAQ coming.

$ALPP one day, just like $AMC and $AMCX,
$ALPP will shoot up in when $APPL FOMO rises as people will panic and buy us instead. To $125 per share we goooo

$ALPP Alright...sold half of my position in this to pick up $ATOS. Don't worry...I'll be back once ATOS spikes 100% this week from PH2 endoxifen results. Will buy back in with some of those proceeds...maybe even buy a bigger position here than before. Fingers crossed I don't miss the elusive NASDAQ uplisting before I get back. Lol

$ALPP If the short reports are true (havent checked them out yet so idk), and we uplist to get similar exposure as the big dog stocks, surely $ALPP could make some $GME and $AMC-esque moves in the near future? Just a thought

$THCB simular is play, Alpine4 Holdings $ALPP we’ve been suffering a short attack but not much more :) come say hello,@shareslanger for a little DD

$ALPP told you guys last week to get into $CLOV and $AHT for the short squeezes while this thing flatlines until it uplists. Hope some of you did the smart thing and made some money so you can buy back in here for more shares.

Hey crypto gamblers $ACAT.X $ETH.X $BTC.X $STORJ.X when you’re done buying electrons and ready to invest in a real company with real
operations, cash flow, revenue, employees ect... be sure to keep $ALPP on your list.

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