$XELA $SQBG $ALF $AEI $MRIN CUS MY DICK LOOKS LIKE THE BABY FROM ERASERHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$BSQR forming Same graph like $ALF ....

It can go huge up like $MRIN and $ALF

It was $ALF $MRIN now its $blin turn then it'll be $PBTS Thank me later 😎🦍🚀

$BSQR this is a no brainer, it will go up. Just because there’s money to be made. We already trended and now we have a 2X discount. Don’t play yourself out of this play


$TRKA..making more and more sense why no update PRs with everyone getting shares which in the long run is good...are we done? Can a PR about the new NFT company come out but what is going on with that? Seriously, $ALF and $MRIN trading at insane levels over their news about deals-this could go over $10 easily.

$BSQR $MRIN $CUEN $ALF $XELA Come to $BSQR for the next SQUEEZE. You know this will follow MRIN!

$DIDI we eat dips. Caught morning flush at $15 and BANKED on this free alert. Check my bio out ;) it’s free! $ALF $ATOS $mmat $LEDS

$ALF Yeah $MRIN right back to highs, I can see this eventually getting back to 20's, when , I have no crystal ball, who the fuck knows. But interesting high growth company in exciting something something sector doing something.

$ALF $MRIN Alfi news out this morning... SSR on today... shorts in deep.. bring your profits over this way and make even more when we squeeze some shorts today...


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