$AI has 24% short volume ratio and they have been shorting the stock since $170+ it’s as cheap as $GME too but a solid long term investment !

Is it me, or was the market just down by ca. 4% yesterday? Looking at you, $NNDM $PLTR $CCIV $srne $AI

$INUV AI company with increased earnings coming up. Get in cheaper than you could an hour ago!!! $GEVO $AI $AITX

@AnchorsAweigh If $AI and $PLTR prove to not be vaporware-based companies, I'd say the likely equilibrium for reality looks something like a combined scene from Idiocracy and the Matrix . But I'll bet the bots keep the markets running. Games are an important part of keeping the rebellious aspects of the mind pre-occupied!

$AI $U साथी साथी संगै हिड्न पर्ने ! Friend friend should walk together

$AI $PLTR $U My software stocks are flying on this red day whilst MM fckers ruined the chance of $AMD breaking 100 (it will soon).

$CRSR Top notch here for entry.

$GP I think want to enter this again along with $wkhs

$AI I am really impressed with that this chart did. Glad I existed. This is a SOLID OPPORTUNITY to add IMO.
Not missing out here.

$TRIT Is really starting to look cheap to ignore.
I am considering it now near 52 week lows 👊

$AI Monday Fun Day! 36% gain! Hold Tight!!!! Don't Sell!!!!

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