$AHT shorted this made 25K .. still half juice left
pump and dump


$BODY wow this is gonna squeeze 33% shorted and 100% utilization $WISH $MRIN $AHT

$AHT - Just a reminder...NYC yesterday lifted ALL COVID RESTRICTIONS, and I strongly believe a surge in HOTEL, RESTAURANT, VACATION &; TRAVEL INDUSTRIES are going to gain momo for July 4th, INDEPENDENCE DAY weekend. Ppl are ready to burst outta their covid created lockdown shells and emerge with a vengeance, into the REBIRTH of the WORLD'S ECONOMY FULLY OPENING. I strongly believe a second run is coming VERY soon for AHT and ALL other hotel, restaurant, travel vacation stocks. GL Everyone.

****🔥🙏🏼💪🤜SUPER BULLISH🤛💪🙏🏼🔥****


Algos pumping the brakes on Zach Morris plays $WISH $AHT $IVR Funny how all 3 weak today

Zach Morris plays aren’t doing too well on the day $IVR $AHT $WISH 🤔

$VTGN Look for a BOBBY AXELROD filing soon you MOFO's
Gonna rip to the upside
$VTGN target $25.00

Swinging $AMC from $12.00
$AHT $IVR $WISH In ZACK we trust

$BBIG $AHT Take what’s left of your money and move to $ORPH this bitch sees 50% from here at least.

@RyanJ2008 stopped out of $AHT moved to $WISH this morning

$WISH probably a swing for Zack, havent done my DD here so not gonna trash talk it. $AHT already backed by Cramer “next meme stock” holding $IVR and AHT full easy choice for me

$KBSF volume coming 👀, my DD here points to this being the next 200%+ gainer, low float, high short, book value 400% over current market price $AEI $AEMD $AHT $ORPH

Bullish call options, holding positions in $XIN and $CCXI

bearish put options in $IDT showing double tweezer top on 6 month chart.

Twitter stock play $AHT

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