$BNB.X I cannot believe I bought a lot of this at $36 around January and sold all of it at $64 hahahah.


$BNB.X $VGX.X $ADA.X believe in crypto? what are miners going to do after a weekend like this?double exposure to crypto markets Gap up 2021 $RIOT $MARA

$ADA.X $BNB.X $ANKR.X $ENJ.X and others running while $BTC.X holds above 60k on a Sunday night, with Coinbase IPO this week..........get ready for the run up!!!!!!

$BNB.X When you finally understand that Binance have the most crypto trading volume you will realize that it is really undervalued. $BTC.X $ETH.X $XRP.X $ADA.X

$PLTR $ADA.X@BearishEverythingButPltr massive head and shoulders, heading back to IPO price

$BTC.X $ADA.X $dodge doing great over the weekend .. $CAN $MARA $RIOT ebon sos will get hype and pop Monday morning if bitcoin keep this highs 💪

$ADA.X daily ST check up on this shit coin😂 muahahaha still hasn’t moved🤡 week 9 and no price action.

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