$ADA.X $LTC.X $CASH.X $ZEC.X $TRX.X gotta love Binance.. Log on and pick your scam pyramid. There's a scam for every walk of life. Then leverage it 125X !!!!!! Make the creators of those coins rich while you take all the risk bro' legit yer" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


we all know AMC doesn't have fundamentals'
and this stock doesn't worth more then $15
bucks, but here we are investing for mother
of all squeeze.


SushiSwap Price Prediction to $100!!!

"Sushiswap is poised to grow in dex space with $UNI.X as it integrates new ecosystems such as $ADA.X, $MATIC.X, $DOT.X...)


$USDT.X I thought 1 Tether was ALWAYS $1 dollar.. now it's 99 cents ROFL. Scam unraveling. Crypto is about to collapse like that Florida building.


$USDT.X $BTC.X $ETH.X $DOGE.X $ADA.X this liar needs to be banned. Notice the minute fluctuation he’s exaggerating

Remember that time that the NJ state government cleared out a gym's private bank account because they refused to pay bullshit Covid fines? Don't let this be you. Fuck the banks and the over reaching authoritarian government. Funds are SAFU with your boy CZ.


$BTC.X Bears when they realize this has no chance of going to $20k

$ANKR.X this has tons of room to grow. Hoping to see a HUGE run on this today. $BTC.X $ADA.X $ATOM.X $VET.X

Just another daily reminder, people are waking up......

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