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$AMP.X Just bought some trimmer line at Lowe's using ETH. Thanks Flexa and SPEDN their app! $ETH.X $BTC.X $ADA $DOGE.X

$BTC.X $ADA $BNB.X $SPY Stock market will have a major correction within the next 2 weeks, BTC will crash hard then, market conditions being a excuse(or lawmakers vs BTC). Start seeing major fud news this week, maybe pushing more wuhan lab crap then some retaliation bs....

RT@AlgorandStar: 1. $ALGO would be worth $16 with market cap of $ADA 😲
2. #Algorand is generally better #crypto than #Cardano 🔥
3. Everyon…

RT@RealVisionBot: Tokens receiving the most votes for "underweight" in the@RealVision Exchange #crypto survey: $BNB, $ADA, and $DOT. Don'…

@Kevin_Wolcott if you’re buying $ADA you should also grab $ckb.x !

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