$ACTC $NGA $GEVO Catalyst is TODAY. Biden will talk about clean energy/ climate.

$BTAQ $CCIV $ACTC I own 4000 shares of BTAQ😂. I believe that’s enough!

$BTAQ owners,

Just like those who had the foresight to buy $CCIV and $ACTC early on...

No matter how many shares you own, you’ll soon be kicking yourself for not buying more!

@triniblockchain like someone else mentioned, $ACTC warrants are money. I don’t have a position because my cap is tied up in other SPAC’s. Watching the market as a whole over the next few days, and will add powder as needed.
I’m holding $psth (my largest position) , $IPOF , $BTWN (all commons) and $CCIV puts/ calls and shares. I got shares to sell calls, but too crazy atm.

$IPOE if yll had extra powder and had to pick one based on valuation.. which would it be?? $ACTC $IPOF $IPOE $BFT $CCIV ?? Or something else??

$GHIV $CCIV $ACTC $NGA $IPOE Getting ready for take off!!! GHIV has merger tomorrow. This one is priming for a huge breakout. AH on watch here!!! Let’s go!! 🔥

$CCIV $ACTC gotta look at the WT/UT ratio might be different

$ACTC In few days, Same thing gonna happen to this stock as what happened with $GEVO today.

Among her biggest assets are $1 million to $5 million worth of stock options she can exercise in Proterra Inc., a company that designs and manufactures zero-emission electric buses and trucks and provides battery-electric buses and charging systems to municipalities in several states, including California, Virginia and Washington state. She also owns a large amount of unvested shares of the company's stock options, the value of which is not readily ascertainable, according to the r

$ACTC Added more warrants. Huge discount on Proterra. This will double soon :) $QELL $NGA $CCIV $IPOE

$MARA $ACTC $BB 3 stocks for a future , high risk high return , most difficult part not to sell near term

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