This week's top % gainers:

$GRTS (+327.52%)
$ACRS (+210.54%)
$TRXC (+79.01%)
$STIM (+51.74%)
$SENS (+44.94%)
CYRX (+32.34%)

$OBLN That Last Candle Must’ve Been The Infamous Kojac 🧐🤔

He Tends To Buy Late In The Day After The Crowd Has Had Their Way


Social Media Personalities Who Make Trading Seem So Easy...

To The Guys ACTUALLY Studying And Going Through The Frustrations...

It’s Like The Stolen Valor Videos On Youtube Where Some Guy Gets Bogus Dress Blues And Comes Across A Real F**** Marine And Get His Ass Handed To Him 😂


$TRXC this is the new stock to follow $OBLN and $ACRS ... on fire

$OBLN Holy!! I just made a lot of money! ufck $BNGO .... JK, i'll be back.. Glad I got out when I did though... Couldn't let today's flyer go , not after what happened yesterday with $ACRS...

Our $ACRS Play From Yesterday Pulled A Multiday Move 💪

Called For The Break Of $16 Only 30 Cent Ahead Of The Move For Massive Upside 🚀


Took My Eyes Off $OBLN For A Few Minutes Since It Was Selling Off 🤷‍♂️

• Our Initial Entry Target Was The Break Of $3.53 👍

• Still Managed To Catch It Before Breaking $6 With That Monster Relative Volume Raging 😤🔥😤🔥

• Posted A Live Alert Right Before The Break Of $6 For Massive Upside Tapping $6.70 🔥


$OBLN Had It All At The Bell 🔔

• Price Range

• Premarket Gap

• Market Cap

• Float

• Momentum Was The Last Criteria To Show Up 🤷‍♂️

Congrats Bulls 👏


It’s Tough Getting Clean Reads On The Action This Morning (This Is Why The Fake Gurus Aren’t Crowding Your Threads 🤫)

Many Stocks Are Making New Highs But In Choppy Fashion ⚠️

The Top Play This Morning $OBLN Crashes , Selling For The First 15 Mins 🚫

$INUV High After High But Traders Are Skeptical ⚠️🧐

$ACRS Continuing Into Today Over $23 On The Day 🔥

Don’t Force Any Trades If You’re Feeling Unsure Of Something , It Isn’t Worth It


Goooood morning traders, here are some stocks to watch at the 🔔

$ACRS-This would be a CONTINUATION play team! We saw how crazy this was yesterday w/(26Mil)in float. To run again it NEEDS to get OVER and HOLD $22 RES If it CAN’T break RES, watch for a PULLBACK/Fade. SUPP is around $19 or $17.85

$OBLN-“Entered Into Agreement/Plan To Merge w/ReShape LifeSci.PR” This Stock will NEED to break and HOLD over $3 RES. Currently under 5Mil in float🔥 So it can move quick in EITHER DIRECTION!SUPP is around $2.27-$2

$APM-“Recives Clearance For Phase 1 Clinical Trial PR” Very go

"I’ve made 45k with their alerts, Make as much as you want . 100% Free trading chat." !

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