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$THBR - Based upon all 552 SPACs we track, these are the tickers with the highest number of followers..πŸ‘€πŸŒŸβœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ‘€

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Adding more warrants here at open. Fuckin' send it!

Long term seems huge market 1.5 Trillion for AIR TAXI by 2040 ..

$ACIC For poeple that are interested in ARKX holding for acic. It is increased again. Currently standing on: 376796 shares.

$ACIC Can't get lower than this, so going to start a position tomorrow market open

$QELL I sold all my $ACIC for QELL as soon as i heard and looked into QELL lol. This video shows why, its a no brainer.

Thread on ACIC ➑️ACHR
- closing Q2 2021
- 2.7 billion Valuation
- 13% will go to Public shareholders
- Current investors - United airlines / Stellantis
- 1.5-3.0 trillion industry by 2040
- Will plan to be autonomous by 2028

What United adds to the table
- Strategic partnership with 1 billion in preorders
- Access to their current airline hubs and connections which is a total of 190 destinations
- Pilots and and maintenance training
- Long term support due to their investment

What Stellantis adds to the table
- 4th largest automotive OEM manufacturer in


Target markets
- connections between cities - initially in LA and NYC expanding to Orlando and Dallas
- Will cost on average 50 dollars per passenger per flight
- Cargo, Military, emergency service, business charters
- Will plan to expand internationally 2027 and beyond

- 2024 revenue of 42 million
- 2025 revenue of 1.04 billion
- 2025 revenue of 2.23 billion
- 2030 revenue of 12.335 billion

Bottom line
- holding this long, piloted EVTOL can be huge more skeptical about unpiloted. Right now 60 miles is a short distance but will continue to grow.

$ACIC bro I love this stock πŸ₯° Nobody wants it until it’s already jumped 50% lol! Hold and be patient

For anyone who wants to do some DD on OZOP Energy Solutions this video has a lot of information compiled into only a few minutes. $CLIS $THBR

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