I’m scaling out on these recovery stocks which I posted late November so I can pay for the hefty taxes. Hope everyone was able to make some good money within these 4 months on these plays. Bank earnings this week may be the end to these stocks which have gone above pre covid levels. Thanks to our teacher for educating us. $AAL $BAC $M $WFC $WFC

$TSLA bring something to WiSA. Let’s get it off it’s ass!!!! Won’t take much. $AAL $F $AAPL

$AAL $SPCE $NIO $NNDM $FUBO Dark pool special option orders from April 1st. Been on this server 6 months following dark pool and it's been real helpful. The server has some of it's live DARK POOL rooms open for free. Not sure if they are doing it this next week. Linked on page on in my bio

$BA who else booked 90% profit ? congratu fuckin lations 💵😎 $AAL $SPY $MSFT $WIMI

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