$TSLA solid long here $AACQ , doc merger announcement today, get in early!! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆ

$NIO solid longs here $AACQ and $GMDA

Spac merger announcement today. (AACQ)

$GSAH Something may be going on. A Goldman target announcement soon? $CCIV $psth $AACQ

$AACQ By Business Newswire:
Origin Materials, Market leader in disruptive materials technology, to combine with Artius, creating FIRST publicly traded PURE CARBON NEGATIVE materials company! ORGN ticker to change in 2nd qrtr 21



$AACQ I hope this will moon for everyone who held over the weekend. I trimmed about 50% in Friday's AH when the rumor came out. I may buy back in when this is cooler. Too many announcements since last week and I am not sure how this one will play out. Will it moon or will it be forgotten among other SPACs announcements. We will find out in the next 30 min.

$RTP - Joby, $pdac - Li-Cycle, $XPOA - Lililum, $CCIV - Lucid.



Good night and GLTA!!

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Be Sure to Verify That Momentum Has Carried Over Before Entering Into Any Position. If Held Over The Weekend Be On Watch for Reversals/Selloff

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$RMGB $RTP $AACQ $pdac $CCIV All nice rumor plays on deck. Get ready for a ton more because these companies are trying to get in before SPACs get regulated πŸ’―

$AACQ $CCIV $GSAH are the 3 main SPACs out there right now. I'd probably add $IPOF in the mix. Each of these should have a great week! I just hope the impending announcements are spaced out a little...

$AACQ Been holding a boat of these warrants since the $1.50s last year. Only right to trim most after hours Friday over $4. Very intriguing target and will look to potential get back in depending on terms of the deal. Lots of comparisons to $DNMR which ran to $50+ but remember that valuation was less than $1B so the runway was there. Valuation always matters and will win out in the end $pdac $GME $CCIV

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