1 day ago

$ADA.X I guess we should all thank Gene Simmons for this, really forget all that technical nonsense that makes this probably the most advanced, efficient platform we just need that 1970 rock star celebrity endorsement. What a weird world we live in.

$ADA.X For those who were patient, good job, we deserve this.

$ADA.X High Five if you own more ADA than Gene Simmons

$ADA.X it finally got where it should have been one week ago!

$ADA.X stock twits laggin pushed 1.13 les gooooo

$BTC.X is this Sailor Moon wearing Bitcoin on Elons twitter? Bitcoin Moon!


I know it sounds crazy but we could see a 10K> 20K Green candle at any time as the DEMAND gets nuts with the very LIMITED SUPPLY available. It could happen

$ADA.X any one of these β€œbirds” would be ideal about now...

$ADA.X take a moment to realize where we are now bought a nice bag πŸŽ’at 0.09 a piece.

$BTC.X Other mainstream companies like Tesla are doing the buying. Looking forward to seeing which ones!! Bitty bulls going to get paid!!!!

$BTC.X You do you, but Imma be a happy warrior until $500k.

$BTC.X bitcoin folks are pumping hard tonight trying to get people to believe that Warren will drop
His cash on this turd πŸ’©. If you own something that is so good why pump!? $BRK.B

$ADA.X 10/10 would not sell. Coinbase announcement = 1.8$ MINIMUM