7 days ago

$SPCE great day besides the huge gigantic fizzle flop whew

$CLOV New Ape just bought in for the 1st time. 5500 shares. You all were right, water is just fine. Is that money I smell in here? 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

$ATNF as a wolf I get caught in the wolf trap time to time

$SPCE Astonishing. Today’s entire intraday price action is one giant bear flag, with LOD price action near close. Conventional wisdom says next trading day will be a gap-down. But at this point anyone who thinks conventional wisdom and this stock exist even in the same universe is deluded. Who the fuck knows where this goes now. Just hang onto your butts, that’s for sure!


$SPCE I really was hoping for an awesome day today for a long weekend.

Really bummed about how today played out.

Shorts, long weekend, hedge funds, whatever the reason… disappointing to say the least considering we were up 30% premarket on some pretty amazing news.

Here is the new 12-month forecast for Luckin Coffee Inc($lkncy)

@Clipperpan i have 90% 7/16's now! $SPCE for the love of all that's holy FOMO all next week and Fly SRB perfectly on sunday the 11th! pleas OMFG!

$CLOV Hedgies borrowed 25K more in the last hour...must be getting low on bullets over there ... made me buy 100 more

$SPCE I wish all the shorting hedgies get killed. Why can’t government ban shortselling?

$AEI shorts added more today and it got more expensive. I'm holding to put the pressure on them over the weekend.

$SPCE buy them now .. you won't be able to next week.

$dis Higher next week. Have a nice weekend folks.

$SPCE Tuesday opening price? I’m thinking at least $60-$65

$lkncy This is the most pathetic FOMO rally I have ever seen. What a POS

$SPCE every time is has a big drop it rebounds higher. If you’re short, take your $ and run.🚀🚀🚀

$SPCE Next week will be solid green but today.... Today chasers got REKT!

$SPCE this company is worth 10 billion on patents alone. They are doing what other do for 100s of millions for less than 1 million.

@GamePlayGuru the current price is overvalued. They don’t generate any money currently. I am $SPCE bullish but it’s going up too much too soon. It’s not organic growth. Mostly like 60% is speculation. Current price should be 26-36$ I wouldn’t add to my existing 16$ average position until 26$

$CLOV picking up a couple hundred more at close! I'll hold a year if I must. I can't image any short having deep enough pockets to do the same.